"La Notte della Taranta" Orchestra, made of professional musicians all from Salento, guest-directed by L. Einaudi and accompanied by international artists.

 La Pizzica is a dance of celebration, flattery, liberation.

La Pizzica is a simple shawl to wear,  sometimes an accessory of seduction, no more the only refuge.

Official book launch in the beautiful setting of
Bari Town Hall. 

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Tamburello - The Frame Drums, Bendirs, Electronica surging... When the Spider bites the Dervish,
Trance and Ecstasy happen

 Afro-Blues Taranta but also Taranta Electronica, Taranta Dub and others are the subgenres of Pizzica music making  Salento an interesting centre for music experimentation, gravitating always around its vigorously reborn tradition.

 "Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock" they sing like a prayer... the mean for it is an ensemble of Italian and Japanese tamburelli!